Questions About Selling Your Home?

My answer is YES to all!

Advanced Residential Marketing

I use traditional marketing techniques such as placing a sign in your lawn, listing your home for sale in our regional MLS system, and listing on dozens of popular websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc. That’s bare-bones. In order to expose your home to obtain the largest buyer pool (better offers, better prices, better financial terms) we need to do more.

When you list your home with me I pay out of my own pocket for advanced marketing- and do not ask for a higher commission. I am partnered with AWA Digital Media to provide you professional interior and exterior photographs of your home- ay my expense.

Contact me today to learn about my additional advanced marketing strategies because I do not share with potential competition.

My Seller’s Guide

As you will see in this video, the real estate marketplace in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana are generally most active in summer because families with children want to move in before school starts. So more homes are typically available in summer as well. But buyers and sellers tend to balance out in other seasons, too especially in today’s tight market. There may be fewer buyers in late December but usually fewer homes, too. So, prices tend to rise or fall on general demand in our market rather than time of year. It is best to sell when you and your house are ready to sell. Start working with a real estate professional as early as possible to make the most of your sale in any season.

Tips for selling your home in Fort Wayne